AdFeeder Launches In-Market Audiences

After months of successful beta testing, we’re excited to announce AdFeeder’s latest innovation, which we will begin rolling out to all clients starting from today: AdFeeder In-Market Audiences

In case you’d forgotten, in-market audiences were rolled out by Google towards the end of last year, allowing Google to categorise users based on their behaviour and then create audiences that they determine as in-market to purchase specific products or services. Businesses are then able to target the users that Google deem as being most interested in the products or services that they have to offer.

So how can AdFeeder build on this?

As we know, AdFeeder works by taking information from your stock data file and this remains the same for AdFeeder In-Market Audiences. Based on the information that’s in your stock data file, AdFeeder attaches the appropriate audiences for each campaign.

So as an example, if the campaign in question is make – model – Audi, AdFeeder will attach an audience that Google knows is in-market to buy an Audi. What’s more is that we’ll also attach other applicable in-market audiences by default – such as new, used and car loan audiences.

Plus if you think that’s clever, here comes the really clever part! Overtime AdFeeder will then be able to understand how likely a certain audience is to make a purchase. Taking this information onboard, AdFeeder will then allow us to adjust the amount that we’re paying for each click – so if we know that Elliot is 25% more likely to buy a car, we know that his click is more valuable to us and therefore, we can increase how much we’d pay for his click.

Lucy Pai
AdFeeder Launches In-Market Audiences

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