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As PPC managers trying to keep up with a large and ever changing stock turnover we are faced with challenges trying to keep our ads up to date and relevant. Trying to keep up with the stock in many cases can be labour intensive and not feasible which can lead to generic campaigns, or in some cases advertising stock that is no longer available. AdFeeder uses your stock data file to automatically generate exceptionally well optimised PPC campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords with accurate pricing and product details.

STEP 1: We import your stock

We import your stock data each day. We can use your standard DMS14 file, a csv export, XML or pretty much any format you can give us.

1.1: Uploading your stock

Almost any format can be accepted. The feed must contain a link or contain sufficient parameters for us to generate a link.

1.2: Cleanses and translates your data

Corrects abbreviations, translates industry vocabulary and removes prohibited characters. We also convert industry jargon into more useable terms that people use when searching for cars.

STEP 2: AdFeeder selects the best vehicles to push

AdFeeder then selects the best deals. Typically AdFeeder selects the cheapest vehicles based on make and model or make model and year, make model and colour etc.

STEP 3: AdFeeder builds amazing campaigns in seconds

Each brand gets its own campaign, each vehicle gets its own set of ad groups. keywords and ads written specifically for that vehicle.

AdFeeder keeps refreshing as your stock changes

As you sell vehicles, bring in new vehicles and change prices, AdFeeder updates your campaigns on Facebook and Google to ensure your PPC is up to date.