Blanco Digital Releases AdFeeder Prime

Digital marketing experts for the automotive industry, Blanco Digital, have released a major new version of their innovative automation platform, AdFeeder. As a way of saying thank you to their existing clients, Blanco Digital have announced that all current AdFeeder clients will receive AdFeeder Prime free of charge!

Dave Dibble, Managing Director of Blanco Digital, stated:

We are delighted to introduce this latest version of AdFeeder and even more pleased to be able to upgrade all of our existing clients free of charge. Many of the improvements have been developed as a result of some very positive client feedback. Our client base have been very loyal to us and so this is our way of saying thank you for all of their support through the years!

This update includes a number of significant developments including:-

Three Headline, Two Description Support

Up until late September of this year, Google Ads only allowed two headlines, one description and a display URL for each of their text ads. The latest update on Google Ads allows for three headlines, two descriptions and a display URL. Inline with this new development, AdFeeder now supports the new Google formats – allowing for three headlines and two descriptions per ad.

Support For More Campaign Themes

As our existing AdFeeder clients will be aware, AdFeeder groups PPC campaigns into ‘themes’ where keywords and ads are based on vehicle elements such as make, model and colour. AdFeeder Prime sees these existing themes extended from four to eight. This helps to ensure that yours ads are found – no matter what customers are searching!

Exact Match Keyword Support

Whereas AdFeeder previously only supported modified broad match, AdFeeder Prime now supports exact match keywords.

Ad Copy Split Testing

AdFeeder Prime now enables A-B testing straight out of the box. With two distinct ads written for each keyword by the AdFeeder platform, this ensures high keyword to ad relevance – meaning that your cost per click will be lowered.

Landing Page Selection

AdFeeder Prime now allows each keyword to have its own URL. This means that clients can now choose whether their ad links to the vehicle detail page, or to a relevant search level campaign. This option is configurable at campaign theme level. Campaigns based on make and model themes can now link to a search results page, while campaigns based on longer tail themes such as make, model and variant can link to that vehicle’s specific Vehicle Detail Page.

Campaign Theme Level Bidding

Different maximum bids can now be set for each campaign theme. Clients can choose to bid higher based on ‘make, model and year’ rather than for less specific themes such as ‘make and model’ and vice versa.

Custom Ad Creative

Clients can now overwrite the original ad templates to include their own ad creative, this can include special offers, VIP event promotion etc.

Lucy Pai
Blanco Digital Releases AdFeeder Prime

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