Cracking Automotive Easter Eggs That We Love

Did you know that the term Easter egg doesn’t just refer to the chocolate treat that’s traditionally given over Easter, but also refers to an unexpected feature that’s been hidden by designers in products such as games, movies and even cars? Varying from cool designs to impressive technology features, automotive Easter eggs often tell a story about the car or pay homage to the designer.

With Easter fast approaching us this week, we couldn’t think of a better time to kickstart the hunt for our favourite ever automotive Easter eggs…

Skoda hidden umbrellas

Ever driven somewhere, only to find yourself caught in torrential rain without an umbrella? Skoda have the perfect solution – a cleverly hidden umbrella within the driver and passenger doors of selected Skoda models, meaning you’ll be pretty hard done by to not have an umbrella in your car again.

Jaguar E-Pace mascots

Known as Jaguar’s baby cub, the E-Pace is a compact SUV which was released in 2017 after the success of the larger F-Pace model. Acknowledging the fact that this vehicle is the baby of the brand and the origins of the brand’s name, Jaguar have hidden a silhouette of a jaguar with its cub within the base of the windscreen and in the puddle lights. Plus just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter, jaguar have also hidden a print that mimics the skin of a jaguar in various places around the car.

MINI Openometer

Ever wondered how much time you actually spend with your convertible roof down? In 2009, MINI introduced the openometer to their convertible range – a fun add on which allows drivers to monitor the amount of time spent with the roof down. Whether they love it or hate it, Convertible MINI owners can’t deny ever looking at it.

Telsa Model S and its ‘submarine mode’

After famously purchasing James Bond’s transformable submarine car for $866,000, does it really come as a surprise that Elon Musk has designed a car which features a James Bond inspired mode that turns the Tesla Model S into a Lotus Esprit S1 Submersible? Tesla Model S drivers are able to enter this innovative mode by holding the T logo down and entering “007” into the login screen, turning the Tesla on the screen into a Lotus Esprit S1 Submersible and showing Depth (Leagues) instead of suspension.

Volkswagen’s hidden reverse camera

Anybody with a reverse camera on their car will know how difficult it can be to see with dirt or water on the reverse camera. For drivers of certain models, Volkswagen have that covered! Once the reverse camera is activated, the VW badge flips to reveal a cleverly hidden camera. 

The Jeep Renegade’s nod to its design

Look carefully and you’ll be able to spot Easter eggs hidden around various Jeep Renegade models. Whether it’s the ‘Ciao Baby’ spider highlighting the efficiency of the compact crossover, or the various nods to the iconic Jeep grille – you’ll find delightful little design treasures hidden around the vehicle and they’re bound to make you smile!

Lucy Pai
Cracking Automotive Easter Eggs That We Love

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