Facebook Ads for the Auto Industry

Google AdWords has been the dominant player in the pay per click advertising game but in the last 6-7 months or so, Facebook has become a real contender.  In a recent study “More than a third (37.6%) of 18 to 54 year olds said Facebook was their preferred social network on which to follow or ‘like’ a car dealer – almost five times more than for any other social platform.”

According to leading Facebook guru and author Keith Krance…”90% of Facebook advertisers merely dabble with it” and that represents an opportunity for astute car dealers to get it right and keep ahead of the competition.

Dynamic Ads for Car Dealers

Facebook dynamic ads automatically promote your vehicle stock to people who have expressed interest in those vehicles on your website or elsewhere on the Internet. With careful optimisation and a well thought out strategy, Facebook dynamic ads can revolutionise the way you sell cars.

How it works

In simple terms, we put a few lines of Facebook code on your website (called a pixel) which then tracks what pages your visitors look at. This pixel helps you to build a list of visitors known as an “audience” which we can then split into groups or segments. We could build a list of people who looked at new cars, used cars, BMW cars etc.

Our AdFeeder technology then optimises your stock data file every day and uploads it into Facebook. We then create highly optimised campaigns (normally based around dealerships or around make and model combinations) that make sure we get you the best quality clicks for the lowest possible cost.

Facebook Ads For The Auto Industry