Facebook Business – Introducing new discovery tools for auto

Accelerating into the mobile future

To be successful in today’s auto industry, you can’t wait for customers to find you – you need to create intent by proactively reaching people in relevant and timely ways. We enhanced two of our ad products to try and help auto dealers solve this exact problem.

The auto industry has been constantly evolving throughout its 130-year history. Most recently, the rise of mobile has completely changed how people shop for vehicles. People are increasingly carrying out research online and making purchase decisions before pulling up to the vehicle forecourt. According to the 2017 Car Buyer Journey report, 56% of car buyers used a smartphone to access automotive information before purchasing their vehicle.

The people coming into a dealership are just a small subset of your potential customer base – and that’s why it’s helpful to generate intent before they arrive at your location. We’re introducing a brand new set of mobile features specifically designed to help auto companies expand their customer base: dynamic ads for auto and new updates to lead ads.

Show people tailored cars with dynamic ads for auto

When people are in the market for a car, they want to narrow what they see online to reflect the cars most interesting to them. Facebook dynamic ads for auto allow manufacturers and dealers to upload their vehicle catalogue with relevant details such as make, model and year. It then automatically generates ads that show the most compelling inventory to the right audiences – driving them towards vehicle detail pages, lead submission forms or other valuable places. With a single integration, you can make sure that your most relevant vehicles are always being shown to potential auto buyers – allowing you to focus on closing the sale.

Early testers are excited about this new opportunity to create ads that work for the auto industry.

 We’re excited to partner with Facebook on a new dynamic ad solution for the automotive industry, which builds on Edmunds’ extensive shopper insights to create the most relevant, personalised and informative ad experience, and helps drive shoppers to their perfect car. We are seeing promising upstream results from our early testing and are thrilled to continue to develop this offering for both our dealer and OEM partners.

Madhura Sengupta

Director of Advertising Product Technology, Edmunds

 Dynamic ads for automotive provides Cox Automotive with a scalable solution for serving compelling and relevant vehicle inventory to our qualified audience of in-market shoppers. Facebook’s recommendation engine is a powerful companion to our behavioural audiences, and the combination of the two ensures that we’re delivering the right creative to the right buyer. Early results have proven the product to be an effective solution for driving key onsite shopping activity.

Adam Pavkov

Director of Product, Cox Automotive

What makes dynamic ads for auto so effective for prospective and finding new customers?

  • It scales easily. You can dynamically generate a unique ad for every vehicle in your inventory without having to configure each ad individually.
  • It’s personally relevant. You can show people tailored ads based on interests and preferences they’ve demonstrated on your site, app or elsewhere on the web.
  • It’s always on. You can set up your campaigns once and continually attract shoppers who may be more likely to buy.
  • It works across devices. You can serve the right product to the right person, no matter which device they use – whether they’re on mobile, desktop or tablet.

Find more potential car buyers with lead ads for auto

When shopping for a new car, people may want to connect with a business directly from an ad. Facebook lead ads have been enhanced to simplify the process of capturing intent from people who are interested in your vehicle offerings. The secret sauce? An in-app experience that removes the friction of form completion. Lead ads for auto make it easy for people to sign up for information from your dealership, such as offers and quotes. People are sent to a form that’s pre-populated with their relevant contact info, such as their email address. They simply confirm what information they want to share with you, and voila – you have a lead.

That’s why we’re introducing new features to help auto companies find and connect with potential new buyers.

  • Locate your auto dealer. The locator feature helps people find auto dealers near them – simplifying the next step in their discovery process. It can also help you to better understand people’s intent and avoid sending them to suboptimal websites. If you have a dynamic set of locations, Facebook marketing partner Driftrock can help you keep dealer information in sync. This specialist solution ensures that people can find nearby dealers that will have the cars that they’re interested in.
  • A full-screen experience. Use Canvas to create immersive, visually appealing experiences to pique the interest of potential auto buyers before capturing their info. By providing more context up front, you can drive more high-quality leads.
  • Appointment preferences. People can communicate directly with service centres and dealers to indicate their preferred timeframes for appointments and test drives.

Article originally appeared on Facebook Business.

Facebook Business – Introducing new discovery tools for auto

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