How can PPC help?

PPC ads can take several forms and appear on search engines, social media and selected external websites. Offering a low risk, high reward means of advertising business, PPC has become an incredibly popular marketing tool amongst car dealers in recent years.

Tactical PPC

Our Tactical PPC service offers clients handcrafted optimised PPC campaigns, adding layer upon layer of carefully thought-out optimisation – ensuring that your PPC is the best that it possibly can be.


Our innovative AdFeeder platform has changed the way in which car dealers sell their stock. In simple terms, AdFeeder takes the stock file from our clients every day, cleans the data and uses it to generate highly optimised PPC campaigns.



Remarketing allows us to “continue the conversation” with your website visitors – even after they’ve left your website! By using remarketing, we’re able to show your ads to users who have previously interacted with your business – whether that was browsing your website, looking at a particular product or using your mobile app.

Real-time reporting

Stay in the know at all times with our Google Data Studio reports. We provide you with a link to your very own live reporting dashboard, allowing you to monitor how your accounts are performing at any time, simply by clicking the link to your report.

Want to know more?

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