Effective Social Media for Car Dealers

We all know how important social media has become, but we also know how time consuming and demanding implementing a best in class social media campaign can be. Our team of social media experts will take care of everything for you, combining expertise with an in-depth knowledge of the car industry – ensuring that your campaigns are polished, engaging and effective.

Social Media Optimisation For Car Dealers

Successful social media for car dealers is all about having a conversation and building a relationship with your customers. Most of your competitors are “talking at” rather than “talking with” their audience and there’s your opportunity.

Whilst it’s not true that you can’t sell on Facebook, it is true that you have to earn the right to sell first. If all you do is post pictures of your stock then you’re missing a much bigger opportunity. An opportunity to build family relationships, an opportunity to earn the trust and affection of your local market and an opportunity to actively generate referrals and recommendations.

So as well as proudly showing off your new stock, why not give something back by providing a Spotify list of driving tunes? Why not ask your audience to come up with track ideas and to vote on the options? Create conversation with your audience.

We’ve got you covered

Our aim is to work with you to develop an achievable and affordable social media strategy for your company. Our social media experts will be on hand to ensure that posts are engaging, professional and written in your agreed tone of voice.

You’ll still have full access to all of your social media channels around the clock, meaning that you can post when you want to – not because you feel that you should. Everything else… we’ve got it covered!

We’ll keep you posted

We’ve spent years building a reputation for being open, honest and transparent. We clearly document everything that we do on your behalf in shared real-time documents, which can be accessed via Google Drive. These are live documents that are updated as and when we’re working on your account, meaning that you can access them at any time to see exactly what we’ve done and why we’ve done it.

We also provide you with live reporting on all of the key performance indicators for your social media campaigns.

Earned social media packages

We have created three social media packages for you but don’t forget that if your needs don’t quite fit into our packages; we’re happy to custom build one for you.

Bronze Package

Our basic earned social media package gives you 3 posts per week on Facebook only and a fairly basic social media strategy document that outlines what we are trying to achieve for you. With the bronze package we work from graphic images you provide.

Silver Package

Our silver earned social media package gives you 7 posts per week on Facebook and Twitter and a comprehensive social media strategy document that outlines in detail what we are trying to achieve. Our designers will create 5 custom graphics for you each month. We will also answer general questions on your behalf if required. The Silver package comes with summary reporting and analysis.

Gold Package

We recommend our Gold package for dealers who are serious about social. We work with Facebook, twitter and one other channel on your behalf. We also optimise each channel for you making sure your brand is reflected positively and each channel is set up to gain the maximum impact. We post a minimum of 15 times a month and create 7 custom graphics for you.  The Gold package comes with comprehensive reporting and analysis.

Want to know more?

Interested in talking to us about one of our social packages for your dealership?  Why not call us on 0330 22 33 473 or complete the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.