What’s new at Blanco Digital?

Another month at Blanco Digital has officially come to an end. With significant changes to Google Ads, AdFeeder and with the decoration of our Cardiff office underway, it’s safe to say that we’ve had a pretty hectic month…

AdFeeder had a pretty significant update

Our in-house platform, AdFeeder, has had a pretty significant update inline with the changes to Google Ads. The innovative automation platform now boasts some even greater features including fully customisable ad templates, more campaign themes and so much more!

We began work on our new feature wall in the office

Local artist, Sicdroid, paid a visit to the Blanco Digital office and hand painted this amazing feature wall.

The mural features a comic strip motor race (inspired by the Aha – Take On Me music video) on a corner wall in the office. It fits perfectly with our automotive themed office – which is slowly (but surely) coming along nicely!

We’ve already decided that this makes the perfect setting for our Anki Overdrive corner, and we’re super excited to see how it looks when we finish decorating the area.

Google Ads introduced the latest ad format

Google Ads updated their ad format to include three headlines (30 characters each), two descriptions (90 characters each) and a display URL – you’ll be pleased to know that our latest AdFeeder update includes this ad format!

Our Managing Director met the Dalai Lama

…or at least his waxwork doopelganger!

He fooled everybody at Blanco Digital with this convincing Instagram snap whilst in Rotterdam… turns out it wasn’t actually the Dalai Lama and he’d just gone to Madame Tussauds.

Lucy Pai
What’s new at Blanco Digital?

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