What’s New in AdFeeder – Introducing AdBooster Campaigns

Based on feedback that we’ve received from several clients, we’re excited to announce the launch of AdBooster campaigns to AdFeeder.

As you know, AdFeeder’s primary job is the automation of optimised PPC campaigns based on long tail keywords, based on specific vehicles that you have in stock. It’s a job that AdFeeder does extremely well but there’s also value in more general keywords, such as those based around manufacturers, dealer locations and brands.

What’s AdBooster and how does it work?

Based on feedback from a number of clients, this month we’ve made the decision to launch AdBooster campaigns that generate high quality, well optimised ad and keyword combinations, such as “Used Kia”, “Used Kia Derby”, “Kia Cars Cardiff” etc.

As with all AdFeeder campaigns, these ad and keyword combinations are based on your stock, so this means that keywords like “Used Kia Cardiff” will only trigger ads if you have used Kia vehicles in stock and if you have a dealership in Cardiff.

AdBooster campaigns are turned on by request only and we typically bid around 30% less for these types of keywords, as they’re slightly less likely to convert to sales than our more targeted long tail keywords.

You can also decide to turn AdBooster campaigns on and off during quiet periods, sale periods or only on selected days of the week/hours of the day.

How can I activate AdBooster campaigns in my account?

As mentioned, AdBooster campaigns are turned off by default but if you’d like to activate these in your AdFeeder account, simply add a support ticket by clicking here and be sure to include “AdBooster On” in the subject line. Once we receive your request, we’ll have it actioned for you within one working day. If you’d like to run AdBooster only during specific days or times, please ensure that this is specified in the support ticket.

Lucy Pai
What’s New in AdFeeder – Introducing AdBooster Campaigns

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